What is the difference between DCRM & CRM test of a circuit breaker?

What is the difference between DCRM & CRM test of a circuit breaker? and also , please write the test procedures?

asked 9/8/2012

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 every one this Mohammed from India, Electrical Engineer, can any provide me the Standards of Selecting the Cable for Different Voltages, and also please answer me for this question..

 From the Feeder line 4 KV how can i install it to Power Transformer 750KVA Transformer PAD Mounted 4.16KV/200-127V, With Impedence Z=5.75%...

 I will be much gratified if any one provide me the details or document for this

 if possible

ALL STANDARDS Cable Sizing Max Voltage, Temp...... and Which Core, Diameter. Etc......

My Email id is sharief.eee@gmail.com



answered 11/17/2012 mohammed sharief 4
mohammed sharief

CRM is only contact resistance measurement and DCRM is dynamic contact resistance measurement - this is circuit breaker closing time resistance.

answered 9/17/2012 tankhasmukh 2
edited 9/21/2012
Steven McFadyen233
Steven McFadyen

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