How to Calculate Motor HP & RPM

Hi, I need some help to decide the KW & RPM of electric motor with some known-unknown inputs. I am working as Electrical Engg. in a 6"" pipe project. We hv roller conveyors on which pipe will move forward. There are individual conveyors(1 motor on each roller) and some chain conveyors(1 motor for 8 roll). So wt we do is to decide the rating of motors for both types of conveyors.

Wt we know are:
size of pipe = 12
meter weight of pipe = 500 kg
pipe will move at 0.8 meter per sec.

Roller diameter = 225mm
Gear Ratio = 1:15
Wt we want to calculate is, KW or HP & RPM of motor to move the pipe at desired speed without overloading the
All suggestions r welcomed.

thanx in advance.

asked 9/11/2011

1 Answer

I would be tempted to do this in conjunction with a mechanical/process engineer. As a starting point you could check out the link below - it goes through the process of calculating load torque, inertia and speed and how these are converted to a motor size.

I also need to get up to speed on this and will be studying the above at some time. After doing this, I will hopefully be able to contribute a little more.
answered 9/12/2011 Steven McFadyen 232
Steven McFadyen

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