lightning protection for water steel tanks and zone of protection

We have steel water tank with 100m diameter and 23m height above the ground level. Also, we have two rooms 40m and 46m far from the steel tank. The inquiries are:

1- Should I make air terminal for lightning protection above the steel tank or itself protected as the steel sheet of tanks have thickness not less than 5mm and only bonded the tank bottom sheets to ground terminal.

2- Should I make lightning protection for those two concrete rooms (each 6m height and far from tank 40m, 46m respectively) or they locate in the protection zone of tank and don’t need lightning protection.

Thank for all in advance

asked 3 months ago

1 Answer

I think that making it separate on the top will be a good choice. On the other hand I am requirng little  australian writings for my project as well but I hope that you get the right answer.
answered 15 hours ago FaithWilkerson 2

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