Mobile Electrical Equipment Room Standards?

Hi all,

I am currently in my last year of my Electrical / Electronics degree. I am designing a Mobile Electrical Equipment Room (EER) for my thesis. This room will be part of a Mobile Power Unit i.e the main power generation will be a gas turbine generator (20MW) mounted on one trailer, the balance of plant on another trailer and my EER mounted on another trailer.

The EER will contains the Step down house transformer (750KVA), Neutral Ground Resistor, Main Breakers, MCC Panels, PLC, UPS system, Fire Protection System and control panel HMI.

I pretty much have the design finished but I am having trouble trying to find the relevant standards a mobile EER must comply with. This EER is intended to operate anywhere in the world.

Can anyone please advise me on what standards are necessary for this mobile EER to be 100% internationally complient?


asked 4/3/2012

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I don’t think you could be fully 100% internationally compliant.

At the high level, much of the world uses IEC standards and other parts use NEC – both of these are not really interchangeable. You also have the issue of different voltages and frequencies. To make things worse, most countries have their own electrical installation and fire services regulations – which will give both technical and legal hurdles. Additionally there are a who range of environmental conditions – particularly temperature and altitude which would affect your equipment.

If your EER can addresses both the electrical IEC/NEC issues, difference between NFPA/BS for fire systems, the voltage frequency requirements and environmental extremes, you will have gone as far as you can in making your EER internationally compliant – although this is a [very, very] tall order. Even then, you will likely still need to adapt it on a county by country basis during actual use.
answered 9/12/2011 Steven McFadyen 240
Steven McFadyen

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