Isolating 400V generator busbar with 400V station supply

I have given the task to draw single line diagram of power house which is currently generating 1MW ( 2 generators 500kW with rated voltage of 400V). Generators are connected to 400V busbar. After this it is step up to 11kV for distribution.

Now station supply is supplied through this busbar (11KV) with the help of 15kVA station transformer (11kV/400V). As now I am upgrading the power house to 1.5 MW, station supply of 15 kVA will be insufficient.

Hence I want to ask that if it is possible that I can use same transformer (15kVA)and supply insufficient power through this 400V bus bar. What should be the necessary arrangement?? Do I have to use isolation transformer?? or just simple switch gear can be used.

Please help me.
Thank you.

asked 4/22/2012

2 Answers

better u upgrade the 15kva transformer.hence it is drive for 1.5MW.
answered 4/28/2012 trex 1
If the exiting 15 kVA transformer is insufficient for your proposed upgrades, then I think you would need to upgrade the transformer as well.
answered 4/24/2012 Steven McFadyen 240
Steven McFadyen

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