Power that can be used on copper wire

Could you help me on the equivalent current of three phase alternating current having 400V , 530kW and the available cross-sectional area of a copper wire. Its length 350m for carrying this current.
asked 7/2/2012

1 Answer

To work out the current, you need the power factor (and efficiency if it is a motors, as your kW is the output power): 

Current = 530,000/(3x230xpower factor), at a power factor of 0.95 = 808 A

To understand the calculation, you can read the post: Three Phase Current - Simple Calculation 

The cable size depends on the installation method and what voltage drop you will accept.

You can use the sites cable sizing tool to work this out.

answered 7/4/2012 Steven McFadyen 240
Steven McFadyen

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