Question regarding Resistive and Inductive load in series

I need some suggestions and opinions regarding 2 different kinds of load in series. Ex. Resistive - Incandescent Lamp and Inductive - Contactor Magnetic Coil.

The Aim for this project is to make a spare for incandescent lamp used in aircraft warning lights

Case # 1.     Once Lamp No.1 is working and series to Contactor Coil then the circuit will be complete and will energize both Lamp No. 1 and Contactor.

Case # 2.     Once Lamp No.1 is fused, Circuit will become open and the Normally CLOSE contact of the contactor will energize the Lamp No. 2 (Spare).



asked 8/1/2012

2 Answers

Have  you considered the lamp and contactor in parallel.
answered 11/10/2012 Steven McFadyen 240
Steven McFadyen
  • Yes, we can but it will make no sense. Because if lamp 1 will become fused, Lamp 2 will energize. If I keep it in paralleled then contactor will remain energized. - densio 11/10/2012

This answer has been selected by the question author as the best answer. This will nor work, because the voltage is shared between the lamp and the contactor coil. Enough voltage will not be available for the contactor to work properly and slight voltage drop in the lamp will result in low illumination.The right way is to use a current sensor circuit, which should be a non-contact circuit.
answered 10/31/2012 k sukumaran 26
k sukumaran
  • I do agree with your suggestion and I check it works. Thanks a lot.
    I wish you could suggest a cheaper way to make this circuit works.

    I tested 2 inductive loads in series (contactor) with 110 VAC coil voltage. I supply a 220 VAC and both contactor works. - densio 11/10/2012

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