Induction Motor Calculation

One 3-phase induction motor is running, voltage (RY=392V, YB=394V, BR=380V), current (R=2.1A, Y=2.9A, B=2.1A), speed=2900rpm, pf=0.8. How to calculate motor efficiency and torque, give the formula.

asked 5/30/2013
senthil kumar4
senthil kumar

1 Answer

In put Power to the motor can be determined from the given voltage, current & pf values.

Assuming no loss in the air gap, the above calculated power can be considered as power input to the rotor

In put Power = 2 x pi x Torque X Synch. speed/60

Synch. speed = 3000 rpm

so Torque can be determined. 

Out put power = 2 x pi x Torque X actual speed (2900 rpm)/60

knowing output power & input power, efficiency can be calculated.

answered 5/31/2013 Hareesh 4

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