11 kV Cables in Buildigs

Does anyone have experience of 11 kV cables in buildings.  I'm looking for best practice guidance.
asked 6/28/2013
  • Please be more specific. Are you planning on running the HT cable in the main building or in auxiliary utility building. Do you want to run the cable overhead or under ground? What is the cable size you are considering. What exactly are the issues that is bothering you? If you are more to the point it is easier to answer. As a best practise, you should hire a local competent consultant who will have overall knowledge of site constraints and offer you the best solution. - Pattabhiraman 6/30/2013

  • The cable is in a public car park, on cable ladder at 1.8m. People think this is too low and the cable needs to be completely enclosed. - Mullac 6/30/2013

2 Answers

The HT cable has to be completely enclosed in a metallic tray or pipe as additional protection to prevent mechanical damage. The tray / pipe has to be securely bonded to the common earthing grid at multiple locations with suitable sized bare earthing conductor. In fact it is advisable to run bare earthing conductor all along the tray continuously bonded to the tray. 

Is it a covered car park with vehicle height restriction enforced at the entrance to be less than the installed height of the utilities. 1800 mm height is minimum guideline height for installation to allow person to walk below the utilities. If it is possible to install at higher height it is always better. Please keep the routing of the cable away from other utilities. Common sense should be the guidance.
answered 7/1/2013 Pattabhiraman 74
Ht of cable ladder from floor level should be minimum 2.3 mts.If cable is running inside building why it should be enclosed?Why is the 11KV cable running inside building?
answered 7/1/2013 ram31 66

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