Unbalanced Three Phase Load

I have a three phase panel where the phases are unbalanced. I need to find the 3-phase load (KVA) of this panel knowing that the current on the phases is different (after measuring the current on each phase).
There is any formula to get load for unbalance phases? or just take the average current of the three phases and multiply it by the three phase voltage? if not how can i get this three phase load?
asked 8/21/2013
Chris A.4
Chris A.

2 Answers

Single Phase kVA is V(Phase) x I(Phase) x Power Factor of the single phase load.

Calculate the single phase load across each of the three phases individually using the above formula, substituting the currents & power factors of loads connected to each phase. Then aggregate them. That is your total kVA on the system.
answered 9/1/2013 EE65 19
Just work out the kVA in each phase (line current x phase-neutral voltage).  Then add the three together to get the total kVA.
answered 8/21/2013 Steven McFadyen 246
Steven McFadyen

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