Why do bushings exist?

Please don't post the Wikipedia explanation.

As far as I have learned, environmental contaminants can accumulate on the insulation surrounding the live conductors. This will distort the electric field potentially causing an insulation failure which causes current to travel along the outside of the bushing.

 If the bushing is cylindrical this current is virtually un-dampened by the time it reaches the housing of the breaker, transformer etc. Whereas if the bushing is corrugated the current must travel along a much longer resistive path which lowers the current magnitude.


Can anyone verify/correct/elaborate on this?

asked 1/8/2014
William York2
William York

1 Answer

Bushing is needed for incoming and outgoing currents to transformers and switch gears.Since bushings are installed, the connecting contacts to these devices remain protected from external shortings and weather conditions etc. As bushing material is a high insulator,fiels distortion will be less..
answered 12/6/2014 inspector salim 5
inspector salim

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