Current Carrying Capacity of Cables

Why  IEC 60502 and BS 7671 have different  current  carrying capacity for same type of cables?
asked 3/19/2014

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Maybe a good starting point is that:

IEC 60502: Power cables with extruded insulation and their accessories for rated voltages from 1kV up to 30kV (Medium voltage)
(Source: Wiki)

BS 7671 "Requirements for electrical installations" is the national standard in the United Kingdom for low voltage electrical installations. (Low Voltage)
(Source: Wiki)

This should give you an idea why they have different current carrying capacity.

answered 4/15/2014 LuCG 12
  • standard IEC 60502 is for power cables.BS 7671 is for LV electrical installations in building and is the bible for electrical design in buildings in uk.It contains tables showing current carrying capacity for various types of cables for different installation type.
    the issue is in middle east the electrical design(cable sizing) for building services is done on softwares(Amtech,Hevacomp) which are based on BS 7671 but the cable used in projects conform to IEC cable manufacturer manufactures cables as per BS 7671. - ram31 4/15/2014

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