3 Phase Current and Load

I have loads on an LT panel. On each phase 84, 95 and 88 Amp. What is the total load?
asked 11/9/2014

2 Answers

To get 3phase power, multiply line voltage,line current and power factor with 1.732.

If your load is connected from a 3phase 4 wire system,above method can be used.

For determining load of each phase,the line values should be converted to phase values.

answered 12/6/2014 inspector salim 5
inspector salim
The load is measured in kW or kVA.

To get the kVA on each phase you need to multiply your load current (in Amps) by your phase to neutral voltage (in volts). If you do this for all three phases and add together, then you will have your total load in VA (divide by 1000 for kVA).

To work out your total kW is similar. The only extra step is multiplying each phase VA by the power factor of the load.
answered 11/20/2014 Steven McFadyen 246
Steven McFadyen

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