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Hi everybody.

I am new to this forum and feel grateful in advance for the time you have taken to read my question.

I have taken a long term based weekend Project which implies designing and prototyping a motion capture gauntlet (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motion_capture) and would need some advice related to the new knowledge I should learn in order to finish my objective.

I am a third year student of electronics engineering and I am very curious. I found the MITopencourseware (http://ocw.mit.edu/index.htm). I think the content there and in the rest of the web could help me but as I said before, I am not very sure which new things I should learn, and here is where my question comes.

Which new theoretical and practical knowledge/subjects you think I should learn in order to finish my Project, considering the fact that I have a decent to basic skills or understanding in the following subjects/fields?

Newtonian Physics, Calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, statistics and probabilities, java, c++, digital electronics, microprocessors, transistors, operational amplifiers, oscilloscope, proto board, and signal analysis(which includes time response of linear systems, Fourier transforms(Continuous, DTFT, FFT) and Laplace transform and sampling)

Thanks for your time and responses!!!!!!
digital signal processing

asked 5/31/2015

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