Induction motor

V1 = 400/sqrt(3); % phase voltage (V) 
R1 = 1;% stator winding resistance 
R2 = 1;
X1 = 3;  % stator reactance  
X2 = 8;  % rotor reactance  
p=4; % number of pole pairs 
f=50; % frequency, Hz 
ns=60*f/p;  % synchronouse speed (rev.s-1)

s = 0:0.01:1;  % slip values
T= ((90*R2*V1^2)/(pi*ns*T))/((R1+R2/T)^2+(X1+X2)^2);
I_s =  V1/sqrt((R1+R2/s)^2+(X1+X2)^2);
P_in =  3*I_s^2*(R1+R2/s);
P_out =  T*w;

Plosses = Pin - Pout;

I need to calculate the formula T which computes the slip as a function of the torque. Please how do i achieve this?

asked 12/13/2015
Idama Chukwuemeka2
Idama Chukwuemeka

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