HOW TO FIND Icc value for control panel.

Good Morning everybody,

I want to ask about how can i find or calculate the Icc value for the my control panel, it contain many instuments such as main 3-pole circuit breaker, other circuit breakers for motors, Contactors for motors, fuses, 110Vac-Relays, lamps and single line transformer.

I can read only Icu value from circuit breakers, I don't know how to convert it into the Icc, in-fact they have different values, 

which value of Icc, I have to write on panel properties, can i write the Icu value of main circuit breaker as Icc, if not , then which value of Icc and how to calculate, 

I need it very urgent,  Thanks in advance. 


asked 2 months ago
Abbas Gondal2
Abbas Gondal

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