Mounting height of socket outlets/receptacles

In residential,commercial,institutional & installations sockets are mounted at various heights above floor level viz

  1. in floor by floor trunking
  2. about 30cm above floor level
  3. table top level in kitchens & in multi compartment trunking in offices
  4. at switch level as in indian homes 
  5. in power poles in offices.


Is it advisable to mount at table top level in offices and homes so that it is accessible to disabled (in wheel chair) and safe from kids if mounted about 30cm above floor level, with a lED indicator showing it is energised, reminding to switch off for energy saving if not in use.

asked 5/30/2012

1 Answer

In general I don’t think there are any regulations on mounting height (only guidelines). Often in offices, hotels, hospitals, etc. you see sockets at a higher level or integrated into the desk.

My opinion would be that if you have fixed furniture you can mount the sockets at a high level (kitchen sockets for example), otherwise I think keep them at low level. For disabled people, mounting sockets at higher levels would be ok.

On child safety, I think this is more a function of have the correct type/standard of sockets, electrical installation, protective devices and earthing. I don’t think a socket at a higher level would necessarily be more safe than at a lower level.

I think the LED is preference and what you want.
answered 6/18/2012 Steven McFadyen 240
Steven McFadyen

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