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myElectrical attracts a broad audience interested in electrical engineering and associated technologies. The website ranks well in search engines and has had an Internet presence for over ten years.

By placing an advertising campaign on myElectrical, you will be targeting electrical professionals and and industry practitioners with a direct interest in your service and products.


All campaigns include access to a personal login page for real time live statistics, including total impressions and clicks by day and month.

The statistics below are taken from Google Analytics (per month), as of May 2013

  • Unique visitors: 54,000+
  • Page Views: 84,000+

Add Delivery Integrity

Our delivery measurement process is accredited by the Media Rating Council to be fully compliant with Interactive Advertising Bureau standards. You can feel confident that that you ad budget goes towards delivering impressions to genuine users only.

On shared rotation slots your banner will be rotated with other advertisers.  The delivery goal is set at 20% of the total impressions for the slot.  To maintain this, we apply a competitive ad pricing model based on demand.  By using this approach, we are able to offer our advertisers a market related placement rate.  

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