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Have an opinion or something to say, want to ask or answer questions, share your knowledge then use our site to do it . myElectrical is a community of people interested in electrical engineering and related topics.

The site develops and grows from contributions of it's members.  Our site provides a user friendly set of options for adding content. The only requirement to be able to contribute to the site it to register and become a member. Registration is a simple process and the site is completely free.

At myElectrical we encourage all users to contribute.  To keep things sane and sensible, we do have some guidelines and restrictions; most of which are similar to what you would find on other sites.

General Content Guidelines

    • our site is a public site and content should be appropriate
    • we support child friendly browsing and content should be appropriate
    • content should in general be related to electrical engineering
    • posts should also be in English and reasonably professional
    • offensive, adult related, gambling and similar posts are not allowed
    • pirated material in any form is prohibited
    • commercial content (unless through an advertising channel)

Cpitalisation, Leetspeak and Spelling  - do not post in all upper case or use Leetspeak in titles or content. Well written English is received better by our members and will result in your post being better received. For spelling, the editor includes a spelling checker which can be used to check the content for errors before posting. 


If you have knowledge and experience you would like to share by contributing to our community, you can do this in our 'Notes' section:

Notes – this is where you can post more topics, typically based on a single technical subject or idea. You can think of Notes as our textbook, notebook and electrical reference all in one.

For more information and to get started, view our How to Write an Electrical Note page.


Want to ask or answer a question, don't be afraid to jump into a discussion. We are a supportive community that likes sot support and encourage our members.  Give your question a meaningful title, which summarises the issue.  Explain your question in more detail in the content box.

Commercial Posting

Direct posting of commercial content the site is not allowed. Commercial content is identified as those posts where the primary intent is to promote a product or service and not to provide educational content to our users.

While we do not accept direct posting of commercial content, we understand that organisations will wish to promote their products and services and that myElectrical is a great place to do this. To facilitate this we do have several advertising options. To find out more, please visit our advertising page.

Reporting Policy Breaches

If you notice any breach of this policy or inappropriate content or usage of our site, please us our Contact Us Page.  This will enable us to review the situation and take the necessary action.


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