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Our newsletter is delivered weekly to keep our users informed of latest posts and site activities.  By placing an advertisement in our newsletter, you will be targeting a group of our users who have specifically opted in to receive information on electrical products and services. 


All campaigns include access to a personal login page for real time live statistics, including total impressions and clicks by day and month (see terms below).

The statistics below are taken from MailChimp, (our Newsletter delivery service):

As at January 2013

  • Total Recipients per Newsletter 550 (and growing)
  • Open Rate 17% to 30% (last 12 newsletters)

Submit Your Media

After making payment please send through your banners (or links to your banners)and URL(s) to link to –

Normally your ads will be shown to all users and run continuously. Should you require we are able to provide ad targeting; including geographic by country, by browser language and timing options (see terms below).

Campaign Positions


Our newsletters are delivered by email, which presents many unique problems in advertising. Unlike web pages, email can be opened and viewed in many different ways, one different devices and using various applications.

This results in a lot less flexibility in what can be achieved in terms of tacking, time and targeting options. Consequently, we cannot deliver the same level of reporting or user experience as delivered by our site based ads.

Despite the drawbacks of email advertising, the opt-in nature of the newsletter service makes it is our most targeted form fo advertising. 

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